For my mom’s upcoming 70th birthday next month, in lieu of gifts or a party*, she’s asked her extended family to do a good deed and share it with her. I’ve been thinking a lot about how best to honor my mom’s birthday wish. Service and volunteering used to be a big part of my […]


What I Learned in Kindergarten the Second Time Around

I haven’t posted in awhile.  Our family was plagued with multiple illnesses over the last 6 weeks, and with both parents juggling careers, our household has gone through some moments of chaos, exhaustion and well…ugliness (But as my son would readily remind me, we’ve had lots of opportunities to use the “life skill of flexibility”). […]


A lovely, unexpected consequence of marrying my husband was that I gained another grandma.  In fact, I used to joke with him that I married him for his grandma.  I felt an instant connection with Lucile the moment we met, early on in my dating history with my husband. I was captivated by her Southern […]