Belated Mother’s Day Thank You to My Mom

My mom bathing my daughter in the same sink she bathed me in 35+ years ago.

Baking cupcakes for my son’s birthday the other weekend makes me think of my mom.  As I show him how to use a hand mixer, I remember how I learned this from her years ago – the same familiar whir of the beaters against the bowl, learning how to move the bowl around slowly and scrape the batter off the sides as you go.  Making sure to add the dry ingredients gradually to avoid a cloud of flour.

I realize, as I do frequently these days, that I want to share all these things my mom taught me with my kids.  The further I go down the path of parenting, the more I uncover the many lessons and nuggets of wisdom gently instilled from my mom.  Without further adieu, a short, sweet thank you to my sweet mom.


Thank you for letting me make a mess.  Whether through cooking, making “potions” in the bathroom with sundry medicine cabinet supplies, or taking over the living room with elaborate pillow and blanket forts, you encouraged us to create, to discover, to get messy.

Thank you for letting me make mistakes.  Whether in cooking or in life, you allowed me to make mistakes and try again, all the while, supporting me with unconditional love and patience.

Thank you for nurturing my interests. Not prescribing them to me, but observing them within me and then helping them develop.

Thank you for supporting my dreams, whatever they have or may be.

Thank you for helping me become me.

Thank you for all these gifts I’m rediscovering in the most beautiful way as a mom.  I love you.



4 thoughts on “Belated Mother’s Day Thank You to My Mom

  1. Heather,

    I so enjoy ALL your blogs but this one brought me to tears. You do have a special Mom and I’m sure that you’re returning all that specialness to your own children.

  2. Heather: What a touching and beautiful tribute to a wonderful mom! Your kids are lucky to be on the receiving end of all that your mom passed down to you.

    Aunt Candy

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