On My Bookshelf

I admit I don’t read a lot of parenting books. (Ironic for someone who is authoring a blog based on parenting experiences, I realize.) They often make me feel some combination of stressed/overwhelmed/bored/guilty. Maybe it stems back to my maternity leave with baby #1 where the stack of books on babies and parenthood remained largely […]

The Things That Now Come Out of My Mouth

Frequently, I find myself saying things to my kids and then thinking, “Did I actually just say that?”   Inspired by this clever dad’s illustrations of his utterances to his kids, I listened to myself this past week and compiled my own list.  It actually becomes kind of a game to capture the assortment of […]

Family Album

My mother-in-law passed away the year before my son was born. Even though neither of my kids ever met their Grandma Louise, she’s part of their lives. We talk about her a lot. We have photos of her around the house and tell stories about her.  About her adventurous spirit.  Her quirky personality. Her love […]

Why I Run

This weekend, in an attempt to get some fresh air and tag team on exercise, our family trekked over to Sawyer Camp Trail, one of our favorites these days. I took a run while my husband and kids walked, scootered and inspected bugs.  As I turned the corner of the trail at the end of […]