On My Bookshelf

I admit I don’t read a lot of parenting books. (Ironic for someone who is authoring a blog based on parenting experiences, I realize.) They often make me feel some combination of stressed/overwhelmed/bored/guilty. Maybe it stems back to my maternity leave with baby #1 where the stack of books on babies and parenthood remained largely […]

The Things That Now Come Out of My Mouth

Frequently, I find myself saying things to my kids and then thinking, “Did I actually just say that?”   Inspired by this clever dad’s illustrations of his utterances to his kids, I listened to myself this past week and compiled my own list.  It actually becomes kind of a game to capture the assortment of […]

Family Album

My mother-in-law passed away the year before my son was born. Even though neither of my kids ever met their Grandma Louise, she’s part of their lives. We talk about her a lot. We have photos of her around the house and tell stories about her.  About her adventurous spirit.  Her quirky personality. Her love […]

Why I Run

This weekend, in an attempt to get some fresh air and tag team on exercise, our family trekked over to Sawyer Camp Trail, one of our favorites these days. I took a run while my husband and kids walked, scootered and inspected bugs.  As I turned the corner of the trail at the end of […]

My Favorite Baby Gear

Warning: If you have no interest in or need for baby stuff, please do yourself a favor and stop reading now.  You have been warned. Maybe it’s the blossoms on the trees, the smell of spring in the air, or simply wishful thinking that my youngest will be out of diapers soon, but I’ve been […]

A Moment of Grace

“Would you like help with your groceries?”  The clerk behind the counter asked me. “No, thanks.” I replied out of habit. I glanced at my 2 year-old, snot trickling out of her nose, attempting to hoist herself out of the cart yet again, while clenching a balloon. “Um, on second thought, yes.  I’d love some […]