The Things That Now Come Out of My Mouth


Frequently, I find myself saying things to my kids and then thinking, “Did I actually just say that?”   Inspired by this clever dad’s illustrations of his utterances to his kids, I listened to myself this past week and compiled my own list.  It actually becomes kind of a game to capture the assortment of weird things that I now say:

-Take your quesadilla off the wall.

-Please put your shirt on.  We need to wear clothes when we’re in the grocery store.

 -Stop pulling your brother’s penis.

-Please take the blueberry out of your ear.

-Take your finger out of your bottom.

-If you need to use potty words, please go in the bathroom and say them.

-Please put your pants on. Put your pants on.  PUT YOUR PANTS ON!

-It’s not safe to put pine nuts in our noses.

-The monkey’s in a time out.  He’s in a timeout until you stop hitting your brother with him.

-Stop licking the sidewalk.

-Ok, who was eating this ball (see above)?


2 thoughts on “The Things That Now Come Out of My Mouth

  1. haha…I laughed out loud at this one. I read it to Uncle Jim and he guffawed, too. It brings back such memories. My sisters and I still joke about things our mother used to say. I remember sitting on the brown couch in the Hoyt Street house giggling with my sisters, and Mom came in looking very harried and said, “I work my fingers to the bone and there you sit!” And now my fingers are down to the bone.
    And my words are fodder for my family. Even with my kids full-fledged adults now, I’m still saying to myself, “Did I just say that?”

    Aunt Candy

    1. Hah, I remember Grandma saying that (and my mom quoting her)! I guess it’s good to hear that those motherhood “did I just say that” moments will continue.

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