My Favorite Baby Gear

Photo by simplyla, under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

Warning: If you have no interest in or need for baby stuff, please do yourself a favor and stop reading now.  You have been warned.

Maybe it’s the blossoms on the trees, the smell of spring in the air, or simply wishful thinking that my youngest will be out of diapers soon, but I’ve been on a cleaning-out-baby-gear tear.

And though it’s with mixed feelings I’ve been giving away the boxes of tiny onesies, bouncey chairs and mountains of baby-related stuff, I think I’ve gained enough perspective to see what items withstood the test of time and wear of two kids.

It’s not Oprah’s, but here’s my humble list of favorite baby gear that I would buy again if I was somehow transported back in a time machine:

Bob “Revolution” Stroller – Simply known as “The Bob”.  I bought another umbrella stroller, too, but we only used it once or twice.  Between a baby carrier, the “snap and go” thing for the baby car seat, a kid carrier and Bob, we’ve hiked, run, shopped, traveled with two kids from infancy until pre-K. Bob is the only stroller for me.  And though ‘ol Bob looks like he’s been through a war with mud and goldfish crackers, he still performs like a champ.

Aden and Anais swaddling blankets – A friend gave these to us and they were the only swaddling cloths we really used, both for a summer and winter baby.  Easy to throw in a diaper bag for an extra blanket, too.  I’ve given so many of these as baby gifts, I should be an honorary member of their sales team.

BabyBjorn travel crib – More than I originally wanted to spend on a travel crib, but this was so worth the money.  It’s super light and easy to set up. My daughter used it as a permanent bed for several months and as a big two year-old can still use it.

Sophie La Girafe – I remember getting Sophie at our baby shower and wondering, what is this strange, French, rubbery thing?  But then I had a teething baby and I GOT IT!  There’s a reason why you see Sophie everywhere.  And why we went through three Sophies.  Sophie rocks.

Sound machine – I’m still not sure if this more for my peace of mind, or actually helps my kids sleep, but we still use it. Especially living in small houses and with kids who share a room, having a little ambient noise seems to help everyone sleep better.

Cloth diapers as burp rags – My kids spit up a lot as babies.  Not just frequently, but copiously.  I remember reading stuff that said babies may spit up a “teaspoon or two” after feeding.  A teaspoon?!  With my babies, it was more like pints. Quarts. And the old school cloth diapers were the only that absorbed the projected liquid.  I swear I had one of these hanging on my shoulder at any moment for about a year.  I felt like Craig Robinson in This Is the End.

Handmade items – Blankets crocheted by my sister. Quilts made by my mom.  Favorite books and cds given to us by friends.  These are the keepers and will be with us long past babyhood.


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