Why I Run


This weekend, in an attempt to get some fresh air and tag team on exercise, our family trekked over to Sawyer Camp Trail, one of our favorites these days.

I took a run while my husband and kids walked, scootered and inspected bugs.  As I turned the corner of the trail at the end of my run, I saw my kids perched on a big rock.  They bounced and cheered me on as I finished.  The only feeling better than that is cheering them on.

I run but often hesitate to call myself a runner.  I don’t necessarily log a lot of miles , run to cross finish lines or set PRs, but running is a form of meditation for me.  I was reminded of that this week.

Here’s why I run:

-I run to quiet the chatter and listen to the stillness of my mind.

-I run to keep up with my kids.  And I can’t wait for the day when they can run with me (and blaze by me!)

-I run to show my kids that I’m strong and that fitness is important and worth making time for.

-I run to push myself to do something I think I can’t do.

-I run when I’m stuck — figuring out a problem or searching for inspiration.

-I run after I’m called in after my first mammogram for some “follow-up” images. (update: no news = good news!)

-I run to celebrate life, to celebrate moving.

-I run now because one day I won’t be able to.

-I run for my kids.

-I run for those who can’t.

-I run for me.


4 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. Thanks for writing this Heather. I love it. Inspiring & resonated strongly for me… many are the same reasons I swim 🙂

  2. Go, Heather! Your words, like running steps, seemed to flow, and jogged my memory as to why I run, too. I’ve never put my reasons in print so liked reading yours. Sometimes I run when I’m tired, and it wakes me up. Sometimes I run when I’m blue and it brightens my mood.

    Yesterday when I was running indoors, the gym below was full of shouts and laughter and giant inflatables, and I saw it was a festival for foster kids. They were in colorful tie-dyed shirts and having a blast. They lightened my step. Whether running in a new city while traveling, or on the same ol’ track, I always see something new.
    Thanks for sharing! -Aunt Candy

    1. Thanks, Aunt Candy! I thought you’d have some poetic thoughts around running. I love that last one — running allows you to see something new. Beautiful.

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