A Big Thank You to Those Who Care for Tiny People

Photo by Steve Baty under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

In this season of appreciating our mothers, teachers and fathers, I’ve been feeling particularly thankful for all the amazing people who have cared for my kids in their early years.  I looked it up and it turns out that tomorrow (May 8) is National Provider Appreciation Day.

As my daughter prepares to head into her last year of preschool and we gradually round the bend toward the end of those years  between birth and kindergarten, I’m increasingly grateful (and maybe a little nostalgic?) for the support, kindness, patience, consistency, joy, creativity and love of all who have cared for both of my kids.  And though they may not remember these incredible figures in their lives, my husband and I will. And we are all forever changed by them.

I know their impact will be felt far beyond these early years.

Not only have they played a big part in raising our kids, but they’ve helped us become better parents. They’ve helped us become better people.  They’ve reminded us of what really matters.

So to all those who have loved our kids, fed and bathed them, changed endless diapers, cleaned up poop, held a plastic bucket and rubbed their backs while they barfed, wiped their snot, endured tantrums, illness, teething, grumpiness; to those who have enjoyed them, comforted them, celebrated them, challenged them, encouraged them, and helped them grow into the kind, loving, strong, fiery, funny, independent souls they are today, THANK YOU.

Thank you to Rosa, Geelid, Linnea, Nick, Danny, Maya, Marisol, Eric, Kim, Kelly, June, Vanessa, and Minh.

On behalf of my kids, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are unsung heroes. You impact our kids’ lives and our lives and by extension, our schools, communities and workplaces, more than you’ll ever know.


2 thoughts on “A Big Thank You to Those Who Care for Tiny People

  1. Heather –
    You are so right. How would young families make it without all the wonderful caregivers who have crossed your paths – including grandparents, of course! .

    1. Yep, it takes a team, doesn’t it? I’ll have to do a separate post for Grandparents Day (think it’s in September!)! Thanks for reading. xo

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