Year End

Photo by alicepopkorn under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

I wanted to squeeze in one final post in these last hours of 2014.  I started this blog a little over a year ago, and for anyone who knows me or follows this blog, you know I err on the reflective.  On this blustery winter day, warmed by a toasty fire and recent memories of our now annual tradition of my-dad-as-Santa celebrating each grandkid’s milestones from the year, I’m reflecting on what I’ve learned (or been reminded of) this year:

Get your dreams dirty.  Don’t keep them locked up in a cabinet like your great aunt’s china. Use your dreams, try them on, wear them out.  Yes, there’s a risk in putting your dreams out in the world and a risk that they won’t look like what you pictured in your head.  Ann Patchett describes the experience of translating the stories that are in her head into words as “pinning a butterfly to the page”. It can be struggle, a letdown, even, when the words on the page pale in comparison to the vision in your head.  But the bigger risk is to not attempt to pin down the butterfly.  Don’t keep the dreams in your head forever.

Vulnerability can build powerful connections.  Sharing myself and my heart on these pages has created engagement with friends and strangers in a way I hadn’t anticipated, but am so grateful for.

Cookies are delicious, but cookie dough is tasty in its own right. I’ll admit I’m kind of a planner, so starting things when I don’t think I’m ready or don’t know where they’ll go can be uncomfortable. But this year has reminded of delight that comes with unexpectedness, of seeing where and how things develop in a way you can’t predict or plan.  And I’ve been enjoying the process, tasting the cooking dough.

Living well is a delicate balance between being and doing, between forward movement and stillness.

I’m constantly challenged by and in awe of the ever-evolving role of parenthood.  It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had but the most rewarding. Despite the frustrations and the relentlessness, there is overwhelming joy and honor in witnessing the blossoming of these little souls.  The learning never stops and it’s a magical mix of both the lofty and the everyday, from learning patience and unconditional love to throwing a football (which I’ve been learning this trip!)

And while I don’t have any resolutions nailed down right now, here’s what I’ll be trying to create more of in 2015:

  • more sharing (resources, time, food)
  • more celebrating
  • more whole & wholesome foods that nourish the body and soul
  • more quality time with friends and family
  • more dance parties
  • more laughter

Thank you for reading and being part of this journey with me this year.  I wish you more of whatever you’d like to welcome into your life in 2015!


4 thoughts on “Year End

  1. On a reflective New Year’s Day morning, your blog was a big plus. Your words take me back 30 years or so to when I was in your shoes. It’s nice to see how appreciative you are of each phase of childhood and life. We four used to write our resolutions on New Year’s Eve, seal them in an envelope, and then open the next New Year’s to see how we’d done. One of our sons never did accomplish his goal of digging an underground passageway! Thanks for sharing your world.

  2. What insightful words from a very mature lady. Your mom forwarded this to me. A hint? Perhaps. Even though a few decades behind you I shall try to follow your thoughts in my life. Thanks. The best in 2015.

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